Contacts's History Reporting


We are about to use Suite CRM but we have some concerns regarding the depiction of the history of each contact.
We would like to have an aggregation of all interactions of any type in reverse chronological order grouped by contact (Please see here Also, the action of the results export is desired.
Could we have this through SuiteCRM UI? Or should it be approached by coding?
Thank you in advance. Waiting for your response.

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The history subpanel is meant to do that, but perhaps it doesn’t include everything you need.

Also have a look at Reports, you can list things from there.

Finally, each module has an audit, it can track data changes within special fields, so you can see successive changes to certain fields.

Apart from this, you would need to code your own customizations.

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Thank you very much for your response!

Regarding the history subpanel it does not include the information needed indeed; and as far as I have understood I can only modify subpanels using code.
On the other hand, the Reports module hasn’t the aggregation feature and the reports created are too long and they cannot be sorted for example by date but only by module’s date e.g. Event’s date created, Contact’s date modified, etc.
Am I missing anything?
Thank you again!


No, I don’t think you’re missing anything. You’ll have to do some coding… :slight_smile:

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