Contacts that Leave a Company... Discussion

Just wondering what other people do when contacts leave a company. I still have a relationship with the “person” and sometimes they go to another company and I have a relationship with the contact but at a different company.

What do most people do?

Delete contacts when they leave a company?
Somehow mark them as “defunct” or “non-active” at their old company?
Mark them “do not contact” or something?

Just looking for some best practise ideas.


What do you do with Contacts who don’t belong to any particular Account? Maybe you can throw these into that bunch.

They can either be stand-alone, not related to any account, or you can put them in a special account which is a mixed bag of people. I’m just thinking out loud here.

I know it’s not a one size fits all answer, I still want all the correspondence, quotes, emails, etc. to stay with the “original” account they were attached to, but if they end up somewhere else, I want to definitely create a new contact for them at the new place of business I think, but I’d also like to know that the old contact record is deactivated in someway that I don’t send them emails or contact them in the future at their “original” account.


how about just adding an asterisk to the name?

Pedro *, meaning: “a guy called Pedro who is no longer with the company”.

Or even

Pedro [Terminated] or something obvious like that.

That’s a good idea! I like the asterix better. I’d hate to send out an email by mistake to someone like " Dear Pedro [Terminated], LOL!