Contacts Module

Is there a way to download/export the modules included in SuiteCRM to rename and import as a custom module? I’m trying to do this with the Contacts module

No, but there is an even easier way to create new modules based on existing ones, namely Contact. Just go to Module Builder and create a new module, and then select to base it on Contacts module.

Will the 100+ fields in my contacts module carry over. lol

If you have 100+ custom fields you’re doing something wrong in your database design. lol. :slight_smile: You should find the pattern between (most of) those 100 things, and express it as a new table, and establish a one-to-many relationship to Contacts.

But without changing your database design, it gets a bit more technical. You can try getting the fields from the vardefs and copying them over to the new module. Then go into the Quick Repair and Rebuild and scroll down to the bottom, SuiteCRM should offer to create the fields in the database for you.

If this doesn’t work, you might need to export the database structure and work from there to update your new tables. Pay attention to the fields_metadata table.

Unfortunately it was in ace when I took over. Its been a long road. Lol

Was avoiding rework but I’ll probably do that now that you mention. Thanks for the help. Love this community.

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