Contacts Module Data Migration


I have a click2call popup plugin that currently detects DID’s from the “Contacts Module” …
How Can i copy/replicate/duplicate Contacts into targets with emailaddress?

We already tried creating a new record with workflow, however the “email address” field is missing from contacts ->targets , is there something that am missing?

Our Sales process converts Targets -> Leads-> (contact/opportunity/account)


Would it be possible to pass over a screenshot of your Workflow?

Email Addresses are stored more like relationships than fields, so it can be a little finicky when working with them

Would be good to see what you have so far, in terms of working with Emails!

Hello john

Unfortunately my outbound compose from email broke.
I was however able to copy contacts directly into targets with a workflow and also transfer the email by having it appear using the below steps from help of a fellow member.

You can force to display this field by editing line 388 in modules/AOW_WorkFlow/controller.php file.

Add array(‘email1’) as 4th param to getModuleFields function:
echo “”. getModuleFields($module, $view, $value, $valid_fields, array(‘email1’)) ."";