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Contacts may be related to more than one Account

Hi There,
We are a not-for-profit organization. We are evaluating to use SuiteCRM for all our contact and partner relations management. In our case a Contact may be related to more than one Account, like she/he may be an employee in one and a volunteer in another. I could not find how I can link one Contact to two Accounts.
Help will be highly appreciated.

This might help

In short, there are ways, but they’re not too user-friendly…

Of course, this could be improved with a few code customizations.


Thanks a lot for this. This is what I have somehow anticipated. We have good relationship with a group of php guys. We will get in touch with them.



Hi @neset, you could start adding a new many-to-many relationship between Contacts and Accounts and hiding the out-of-the-box Accounts 1-N relationship.
If you want to specify which is the primary Account of your Contact and to copy the primary one in the all related Accounts list (subpanel), then, as you mentioned, you need to code.

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Thank you very much for the advice. We will take a look at it. :+1: