Contacts list view sort by email not working


Is there a reason why sort by email is set to false in listviewdefs.php for contact module? Even this is set to true, sorting by email does not fetch any results.

Is it a non-db field? Sorting will not work with non-db fields.

I am referring to List view of Contacts. One of the columns is email and if I sort by that, the list just shows empty results. Pls see attchmt

Did you get any resolution on this?
I have the same issue - email cannot be sorted in any module, contacts, leads or targets and I would like to be able to do it in all.

Thanks in advance!

Nope! :frowning:

As a workaround you could create a text field called emailsort (or whatever). You could place this field only in the list view (not in edit or detail views) instead of the standard view.
Then you could create either a workflow or a logic hook (probably more efficient) that copies the data from the original field to the new field keeping it in synch.
At this point it gets easy to sort by email.

I know that this is a horrible workaround but it may solve your problem

Thanks for your suggestion amariussi, but that kind of coding is beyond me :ohmy: