Contacts importing history


We have Suite CRM running and I cant figure this out or if its not possible, each of the accounts have contacts related to them as they receive communication along with the account.

Although this contact could be related to more than one account the emails are assigned to the account not the contact but in the history there is emails relating to other accounts that they only key link is the contact is there away we can stop the history displaying in the history sub tab for the account but only show emails relating to that account if it makes sense?

Makes partial sense :slight_smile:

But please clarify:

You want the change made in the

Accounts detail view, history subpanel
Contacts detail view, history subpanel

Sorry for the delay in responding, I want the history to show in the contacts by all means but only to the account it relates to not multiple accounts.

Sorry, I was away for a few days…

I still don’t fully understand your requirement, I think we need to use the SuiteCRM terms more precisely.

So: Acitvities is a subpanel, shown both in Contacts and Accounts detail views, that mixes upcoming content from several modules: Tasks, Meetings, Calls, Emails.

Then there is History subpanel, a similar one, that aggregates lines from these same modules, once they’re done or completed, and also Notes.

These rows will appear if they are related to the current record being seen.

So, what I don’t get about your case is the actual structure of records. Please explain with a specific example, like:

  • email One is related to Account X
  • Contact C belongs to Account X
  • on Contact C’s detail view, I see… etc.


Thanks for responding,

So we have an account lets say Account X

Account X has Contact 1
Contact 1 also has Account Y assigned to them

So Contact 1 has Account X and Y together.

In the History Panel of account X shows the history from account of Y as its picking up the link from the Contact.

Ideally I would only like information to be assigned to account X only and Y’s information to Y regardless of the contact.


Again, we need a more precise use of concepts here… what is “has”? And when you write “assigned”, do you really mean the “assigned to” field?

The two concepts we need to distinguish:

  • every record in SuiteCRM can be “assigned to” a single user

  • apart from this, records can be in relationships with other records. These will show in subpanels.

So “Contact 1 has Account X and Y together” means that it has one assignment and one relationship, or two relationships, or what?

Sorry if I sound annoying and picky, I am really just trying to understand :slight_smile:

It’s fine don’t worry.

This is not the assigned to field it’s the contacts sub panel.

So within the contacts sub panel a relationship is created for a user.

This same client also has an second account within the CRM so for example company ABC
company ABC Ltd

They are both owned by the same owner and have the same contact but are two differnt entry’s in there own rights.

The contact was then created in the contact sub panel but share the same email address between both companies / accounts.

All emails that have been sent to this user appears against both companies rather than just against the company the email was relating too.

Ideally I would like all emails sent to the contact to appear against the company it corresponds too.

Maybe you can get what you need by relating the Emails to the Accounts, not to the Contact.

Emails are just records that get associated to other records. Sometimes you might make this relationship manually, sometimes it might be happening automatically: for example, if you are in a Contact’s view when you click to write an email, it will automatically relate that Email you’re sending to the contact’s record. But you can override that and relate it to the account instead.

Try it to see if it changes anything in the way they are displayed. If it works, we might then find ways to improve the process and make it more practical.