Contacts import problem


whenever i try to import contacts. the screen remains blank. no errors, no information.
After exporting the contacts I added, I cannot import them back.
I can only import the Template file.

like that

hello any help please

do you see any error in the crm log files ?

i check logs but no giving error. Just doing nothing.

if i select [Download Import File Template] original one i can go step 2

i will try refresh installation same huh :sob:

Hi. These guidelines will help you get more answers to your questions:

check your excel file type.
If import template is in .CSV format you should use the same one importing back not the .XLS file.

yes i know but

I am using the csv file it provided. i click Download Import File Template then select file tadaaa empty screen

Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 13-38-59 EptisaTurkiye

  • EDIT *
    turned out I didn’t update file and folder ownership after migrating the service to new hosting.
    For anyone else experiencing this issue, look into folder permissions first :slight_smile:

I’ve just experienced this issue with a clients CRM.

on step one I select the Contacts csv I want to import, specify if it is to create or or updating existing,
then press the next button and land on a blank screen.

very long smarty template error message,
Failed opening 'cache/smarty/templates_c/%%1D^1D4^1D4DE339%%error.tpl.php' for inclusion
no clues on the next button as to where the page is supposed to land.

I’m looking through a brand new CRM to find this error.tpl.php file