Contacts Import Error

I keep on getting the attached error, despite the fact my CSV file should be fine. I even had it checked by the Microsoft Community. Any ideas on what causes this error and how I may be able to resolve this?

I look forward to your thoughts.


You will need to look at the rows that are not being imported and try to spot what is missing or different about them and try to determine what is causing the error. Just telling us that 141 rows were not imported due to an error is no help to us we need to know what the errors are to be able to help you.

Hi Andy,

Thank you for your response. I wish I knew what the error was or that at least that I would get an indication as to what it may be, yet I’m sharing the exact message I’m getting. The system doesn’t return an error report or any further details.

I haven’t been able to identify the error in the sheet, yet I’m getting the file reviewed. I will post what the outcome in this thread.



I’m sure it does show a type of error report. When you import using the import wizard when it displays the results at the end there is usually more than one tab. It normally shows why a row failed to import in there.

Hey Andy, You are right, thank you! I overlooked this. This will help me fix the problem!