Contacts Import 'assigned to' not working

Version 7.11.20

Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Trying to import contacts. All fine so far, except the ‘assigned to’ field is not correctly populated instead all contacts are assigned to the admin account from which I am importing


When I download the template, it shows the SQL id for the contact (same in accounts).

Can’t imagine that is intended. Funnily, during import steps, it still shows the correct data, but then when importing it gets messed up. Probably because it cannot reference the name in the .csv?

Could be due to the fact that I deleted demo data. What is the correct format of the user name in the .csv for ‘assigned to’? Does this go in both ‘assigned to’ and ‘Assigned user’ columns?

This is what I am getting: (tried to enter the id from SQL in the test.csv but that does not work either. Can somebody upload a correct working import template from their installation? Thks


Try it leave one column with name: Assigned User Id.

I am sorry, I am not entirely clear what the instruction is? What do you mean by ‘leave one column’? Create a column with that header and copy the assigned users into that column? During import it shows in exactly the right column though?

I think it should be like this:


Ah ok, underscore or spaces?

Where do you see underscore? :wink: :joy:

It is blurry on my end

Unfortunately no joy




I tested. It works on my platform without problems.
Do you have user records in module Users with id which is listed in column Assigned User Id ?

I’ll check. Could you do me a massive favor and upload the template file for contact imports? I find it really hard to believe that the average admin is supposed to go to the database, extract user ids and put them in the upload-csv instad of clear-script user names. Often they would not even have access to the database.

I am assuming you are referring to admin->Users->User Management. There is no Assigned User Id column.


Some words about logic objects SuiteCRM.
SuiteCRM fields have several types. There are 3 special fields for relationship and 2 special fields for relate. Both variants include the field types as:

  • name
  • id

For import records you can use one of the fields.

  • the field assigned_user_name (which has label is Assigned to) of type name of any module equal to a combination of other fields last_name and first_name of Users module.
  • the field assigned_user_id (which have labels is Assigned User Id or Assigned User) of type id of any module equal to the field id of Users module.

When you are doing import the field type name has more priority. If SuiteCRM doesn’t find user of the name it set value as administrator.

Columns of import csv file have name equal label of SuiteCRM. You can find this information in Studio of SuiteCRM for all fields. There is a problem to find this information for relationships but you can use label for type field name because it prisent in view forms.

You can get template csv file with demo data if you have several records in the module.

I hope this details will help you.

I think I am slowly getting somewhere. In my installation this is what the labels apparently are called. So in my import csv are you suggesting that I change the labels to what you see in the pic below and then it should work? it’'s ‘Assigned User’ and ‘Assigned to:’ with a colon. I am on the latest version of Suite.


You can use anything label. I saw that you the first screenshot has label User. The label is using for type field name but you are loading id of records. You should use current label for type field id.

thanks so much for your help!