Contacts - Accounts relation

Hello everyone,

customizing the CRM i have encountered a problem with the relations between contacts and accounts.
The relationship of these modules shows a „many to many“ relation (in the CRM studio/database wise), while the GUI only allows a „one to many“ relationship (contacts having only a selection field for accounts while the Accounts have a subpanel for contacts).

Now i wanted to ask why is the current state like this and in which direction is Salesagility going with the development of the CRM in the next patches?
Will it be changed to a „one to many“ relationship or will the GUI also be changed into a „many to many“ relation?

thanks in advance

I went into this topic here

I don’t think there are any plans to work on this. But it is not just for lack of time, I think it’s deliberate because there is a trade-off here. For 90% of people the relationship that works best is one-account-to-many-contacts. So that needs to be kept simple. Having more option there wouldn’t help, it would make the UI less simple to use.

So - I am just speculating here - there is a UI oriented to the one-to-many scenario, while still keeping the possibility for some people to use the many-to-many scenario (although with some UI difficulties). You can always customize the UI to fit your needs better, of course.

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