Contact who left the organization

I don’t see an option to deactivate/hide contact if s/he left the organization? I guess one way of “hiding” is to simply unlink that person from the organization but s/he still remains in the database without a parent. Ideally I’d like to maintain the relationship and simply hide that person from appearing in the Contacts sub-panel on Accounts page. Reason for maintaining the relation is because there may be history, notes, tasks, attachment etc attached to that person

Hi DevinC,

To accomplish the functionality that you describe, I would (through Studio) create a field ‘Left Organization’ and a date field to contain the date when the contact left the organization.

Would also include this field in both Basic and Advanced Search, in order to select Contacts according to the field value.

Finally I would include this field in the sub-panel view, in order to sort Contacts, based on the ‘Left Organization’ field.

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V Barroso

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