Contact to Opportunities relationship

I am trying to create a new relationship between contacts and opportunities. The objective is to add a “Referred by” field to an oppt so that can offer a referral gift if I win the oppt. I understand that a many-to-many relationship already exist. I am trying to create a new one that is one contact to many oppts.

My problem is the following: the “field” (relation) does not appear in the toolbox like others (accounts, assigned user, etc).

What am I missing?

after you create the relationship in studio, do you see it? if not, are you getting any errors in logs? if yes, are seeing the Contacts field in Studio->Opportunities->Layout->Edit View?

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I see the relationship in Studio/Accounts/Relationship (it even has a little star noting that it was created with the Studio)

The closest I get to an error in the logs is:

Tue May 31 08:24:02 2016 [31426][520d39db-954f-1fd1-417d-56f96a42035f][FATAL] error loading relationship aor_reports

Not sure that it is related to my issue.

See attached relationship definition.

Does the fact that a relationship already exists between contacts and opportunities make my relathionship broken?

it looks good, just one note, the Reference field will be already loaded in the edit view, not in the left bar. Maybe you’re missing that. If not, try to run a quick build & repair and also repair relationships

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By “left bar” I meant Toolbox. Nope, ain’t there. Ran a repair. Nothing shows.

I just tested this on my system and it worked, check your file permissions too, many files are created when you add relationships.

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Can I repair permissions from Admin portal or do I have to login to command prompt level?

it depends on what system you have, if is your own linux setup you can do it via command, if is hosted via some host tool. But not from SuiteCRM it self.

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It is self hosted. I believe that is Linux. I will ask my IT guy… I am just the Sales Director (with some prior Unix knowledge and lots of programming background - do you remember Modula 2???)

I don’t remember because I didn’t use it but I know it. I hope you get your problem fixed, if not, come again at this post, i’m subscribed.

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I am using Debian GNU/Linux 7 (wheezy).

I ran the change permissions commands you suggested in /var/www/SuiteCRM.

Did not worl.

Fixed relationships in Admin.

Deleted and recreated the Relationship.

Still not working.

Arggg :frowning:

Log file shows nothing.

What am I missing.

Was this ever resolved? I have the same frustration, where I am not getting a field. However if I make it Opportunities -> One to Many -> Contacts, I get the box.

But like maximegousse, if I go Contacts -> One to Many -> Opportunities, it shows no field.