$contact_ substitution doesn't work for a lead

Don’t know if anyone has noticed that if you use the $contact_ substitution for a lead it does not work.

When you go to “Insert Variable” and then select “Contact/Lead/Target” from the drop down list and select any of the fields. i.e. first_name it inserts $contact_first_name in the email. This should get substituted by the first name of the Contact, or Lead. It works for a contact but not for a Lead.

(Should it be $lead_first_name that gets inserted?)

Regards, Chris.


That’s an odd one, it should work for Leads, but it might behave differently depending on where the Email is being sent from

Do you recall which action generated the Email with the un-converted variable?

Thank you for replying John, I will have another look at it. It was a while ago that I was working with this. It is in creating an email template. The same template should work for Contacts and Leads. But it does not. The contact one works but the leads one does not.

I will get back to you in a while to confirm the behaviour.



This might give you some context - there are hidden complexities to this issue

OK, I have found out where my issue exists…

The “Insert Variable” dropdown has “Contact/Lead/Target” as one of the choices. I picked this assuming that it would work for a Lead. It does not! I did not look down the dropdown list to see that there are also choices for “Leads” & “Targets”. So, the question has to be: Why “Contact/Lead/Target” when is just should be “Contact”.

Regards, Chris.

That’s explained in the page I linked, it’s because of the 2 different scenarios - simple email compose versus campaign emails.