Contact Search Not Equal Report Search

Using Bitnami 7.3.2-0 on Linux Mint

I am getting different results when filtering a MultiSelect data field in the Contact Module and the Reporting Module. Why?

I created a MultiSelect data field in the Contact module to provide a group capability (also called tag or category). I added that field (j contact group) to the Contact Search view.

I created a number of contacts in my test database. Some have the groups Active, Test, and Xmas.

In the Contact Search, I can select a group or groups (eg Test, and/or Xmas) and see the 4 contacts. This seems to be an “OR” relationship. See screenshot.

In the Report Module, I created a report with the name and address fields that I want, and added the Parameter field “j contact group” to select that desired contacts based upon the group value or values.

Yet, the only way I can see any contacts is to use “Not Equal to” the “null” value. Any other group or groups that I select returns nothing. I tried using the “Type” parameters of “Value” and “Multiple”, neither parameter worked. This seems to be some kind of complex “AND” function where all of the contacts must have the same group value (or values). See screenshot.

I think I would like to have a “Type” parameter “Contains”. Is this possible?

Is this a bug in the search/selection criteria in the reporting module?

Or, have I overlooked something?

Thank you for your assistance.