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Contact/Opportunity relationship: Missing 'Role' field in the Opportunities 'Contact subpanel'


The Opportunity module allows you to set a role for a related contact, which is displayed in the contacts sub-panel.

However when viewing the opportunities sub-panel of the Contact the Role field is missing, and doesn’t appear to be available in studio?

The role is an important part of the relationship, how can i add it to the opportunities sub-panel of the contact?

Thank you

Can anyone point me in the right direction here? I’m also having this problem. Having trouble setting up opportunity roles for the contact ie: “decision maker”

This column shows up on the contact in the opportunity page, but can’t find anywhere to set it.

I guess I could build a custom module for opportunity roles, but I kind of thought this was out of the box. Anyone point me in the right direction?

No one else run into this? I know this functionality was there previously, has it been removed? Looking for some direction on a project I’m working on. If it’s like a missing line in the array of active modules or something simple, I’d like to know before I go and build a “Opportunity Roles” module.

I don’t recall finding a solution for this myself, but the problem must have been fixed in an update.

Not sure which one, but i am running 7.9.9.

So you can now change the opportunity role? How do you do that? I would appreciate it you could point me in the right direction.

If anyone else has this problem, the solution is adding a line to:


‘opportunity_role’ =>
‘name’ => ‘opportunity_role’,
‘type’ => ‘enum’,
‘source’ => ‘non-db’,
‘options’ => ‘opportunity_relationship_type_dom’,
‘studio’ => true,

I added the last line studio=>true and it’s now available in Studio to add to the layout.


pstevens which version are you running?

I’d like to understand how this is in the SuiteCRM code, is it fixed? If not, can you contribute the fix on GitHub?

On this particular one I’m on 7.8.8 LTS but I also run 7.9.7 regular version and has same issue.

It’s a simple fix once I found it. I was going to add it to Github as a bug with a proposed solution. I’m happy to do that. I’m not really familiar enough to take it much further than that on Github, but I’ll take care of adding it and I’ll add a link back here if you can take care of the rest of it getting it into production.

I opened a bug on Github with the solution:


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Regarding Matt’s comment on Github, if I understand correctly (and sorry because before, I wasn’t understanding it correctly) the Role is what is called a “relationship field”, which means the field belongs in the relationship itself, not on the main record.

That’s why you need to click that edit command from the line in the subpanel.

Tell me if it works for you, from there


I did as sugested above but cannot see the field in Studio.
(Studio > Contacts > Subpanels > Opportunities)

7.9.15 Version on Centos 7, php 7.7

Was there an additional action needed? I run repair and booted the server.

I would appreciate it if somebody would support me doing the same relationship with leads.
Means adding a relation db and relationship fields between leads and opportunities.

Best Werner

Where do you want your new field?

  1. In Opportunities
  2. In Leads
  3. In the relationship between Leads and Opportunities

Please explain also (briefly) what do you want it for, to check if your option is correct (there might be better ways to approach this)

Under an opportunity, you can select contacts. Furthermore, you can assign through the contacts subpanel a role, which the contact plays in this opportunity.
This means that there is not only an opportunity and a contact db there is a third db, which belongs to the established relationship between opportunity and contacts. This is a bit complicated but should be reflected in any crm. It is in fact programmed out in suitecrm regarding opportunity and contacts but only halfway. This because it should be also reflected when I open a customer, go to the subpanel opportunities and then see vice versa the list to which opportunities this certain contact is linked to. There I see the fields from the opportunity. So far so good but I would also need to see the mentioned role field from the relation as I do under the opportunity and subpanel contacts.

It might not seem to makes much sense being able to update the role trough the contact form but I would like to use other relationship fields besides of roles.

I used this functionality in another crm (MS). It is common to have relationship fields to show progress of an individual relationship. It is more to see the opportunities and the contacts data in each other subpanels. It is information to each established relation. As an example, the role a contact does play in an opportunity. Ones he might be an expert and in another opportunity he might be an executive sponsor.

To make it short, the field, which is already there and used under opportunities should pop up under contacts subpanel opportunities but it does not and it cannot be assigned in Studio because it is not in the list of fields. The same field otherwise pops up in Studio under opportunities subpanel contacts and is already assigned in the subpanel in a fresh installation. A user opened the tread and he found a solution, which is exactly what I would like to have but it´s not working under 7.9.15.

Please let me know if it´s not clear. It´s not easy to read and to explain it.

Fields in Relationships is an under-developed area in SuiteCRM. I’m afraid it is simply not supported in Studio.

There are elaborate ways to play with these things, but all at the PHP level, see here, with some further clarifications here.

These kinds of fields are used rarely in SuiteCRM, but the case you’re mentioning is one (and one I wasn’t even aware of yet).

fact is it is common and it is supported from suitecrm the half way.
It does not need to be supported in Studio as fully managed system.

I am just asking to show the field in Studio contacts subpanel as it already shows in Studio opportunities subpanel.
That is not a big step for those who can look behind the screens.

Yes, but I don’t know the details very well, I only did this once and with great difficulty.

Unless somebody else comes here and answers you (which I doubt), you’ll have to look at those posts I linked, then go looking for the files that implement the Opportunities sub-panel, and then copy the mechanism into the Contacts subpanel.

Good luck and please share your findings once you get it to work :slight_smile:


Seems that this issue is fixed in the current version : I see the role of the Contact in the Opportunities “Contact subpanel”.
However, I would like the oppostie way : how can I display the role of the contact for each opportunity in the Contacts “Opportunity subpanel” ?
Like this, in the Contact module, I can see all his opportunities with his role for each. Is it possible ?


Hey This was never an issue, It was my stupidity on how to edit the Opportunity Role. LOL. Anyway, I “think” (I haven’t tried it myself), but if you went into Studio and edited the subpanel view for “Opportunities” from the Contact Module, and added the column for “Opportunity Role”. I think that would get you what you’re looking for.

Haven’t tried it myself, so can’t guarantee the field is available to add, but that’s where I would start.

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, there is no Opportunity Role module. It seems that we can only display column from the Opportunity table, but not the columns from the Opportunity_Contact table

my understanding is this:

cuitecrm has included an relationship field “role” in the relationship table between contacts and opportunities.
Then they have changed the subpanel under opportunities contacts to handle the relationship field (not the opportunity and not the contact).
This is working fine.

Suitecrm did not do the other part in the Contacts subpanel for opportunities.

There are some reported ways to add relationship fields but they do not cover both ways and they are outdated and and have some hurdles to take but it is possible to replicate what suitecrm did on the opportunity side.

Even though it is not an important topic it should be possible to handle relationship fields in studio. Having relationshipfields helps to describe what happens between to modules. It can be seen as a history or to document what or when something happened. As an example can a customer play different roles in different opportunities or a contact who has started to work in an account and might later have taken another job in another account and you have to document this. There are many good reasons to have this functionality.
Best would be if we could update the relationship fields on both sides of the two engaged modules trough studio. Studio is an outdated software. It is not possible or at least not anymore in new versions. I could not find a way to change this nor was it possible use studio as proposed in this thread.

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