Contact List

Hi All,

I need some help,when I set roles for users,they are able to view only their contacts and leads and other modules on dashboard but when they click the top menu,let’s say Contact,they can see all the system wide contacts,also the same applies to leads and some other modules,does anyone knows how I can set such that only admin can view all the contacts and users view only their contacts when they click on the top menu??I will sincerely appreciate,thanks

In the List view (where you see all contacts) you can set a filter to see only “my records”. This means “records assigned to my user”.

This just happens to be on by default in the Dashlet, in the List view you have to specify that is what you want.

If you really want to restrict accesses (in terms of security, not just convenience filters) then you need to look into Security Groups and Roles, see the Docs.

Read the Security Groups Example Setup in Docs. This is what you need to setup for your Records. Once you create the Groups, you need to Assign the Records to specific groups from the dropdown that you see at the bottom in the List VIew of modules.

Thank you for your reply,the security group does help to block content, for example ‘my leads’,‘my contacts’ e.t.c. from being seen by others but when you hover over the All Menu at the top menu and select contact,it displays a list of all contacts in the system which means any other user can see all this contacts but they cannot,edit,delete, or perform any other action on the contacts apart from the once they created,it seems there’s no way to hide all contacts from users and force users to see only their contacts when they click on contacts at the top menu or leads and the other modules,it seems this can only be accomplished by changing codes on php,can some please assist me find solution to this issue please,I will sincerely appreciate.Thank you in advance.

Anyone who has advise as to how I can solve the above issue will sincerely be appreciated,thanks in advance