Contact Full Name is not available in Reports

I can’t find field Full Name available in Reports.
My suitecrm version is 7.11.15.

When searching the only thing that i found is this…

Can anyone confirm if it is a bug?


I think it’s likely because of the way that “Full Name” is built
I don’t believe it is a proper “field” as such, in the same way that Firstname/lastname are
(ie: No database entry for it)
So there’s nothing for AOR to pull in

It may be worth updating that issue, or raising a new one, so that awareness is raised for this as a suggested addition to SuiteCRM

As a Workaround, you may be able to create a Custom field that is populated on-save of a Contact
(either by Workflow or Logic Hook)
Then, using this in reports
I think that’d give you similar usability, if that fits your use case?

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thank you for the reply.

your solution is viable.

we are migrating data from Versão 6.1.0 of sugar professional to suitecrm and in this old version of sugar the ‘full name’ was in the reports without the need of having a column in the database duplicating the information…

but if the suitecrm is not going to provide that column from the core i will choose to show First Name and Last Name…