Contact Form Layout Based Contact Type

I need to create a different set of data for different types of contact.

I have created a field called ‘contact type’ and added several options. How can I get the contact form to change layout, showing a different set of additional panels & fields, dependent on selection?

I’m not aware of how to achieve this without some hefty custom programming.

The closest you are likely to be able to get with SuiteCRM, as it stands, is to do it in either of two ways:

(1). Have the common data fields (name, address, phone, contact type, etc) on the main “BASIC” panel, then have separate panels for each contact type, showing just the specific data fields. Set the contact edit and detail views to show the panels as tabs, which would show something like this across the top (e.g.) …
| BASIC | TYPE1 | TYPE 2 | TYPE 3 |

(2). Have separate modules (i.e. separate tables) for each type of contact, with both the basic contact data and the type-specific data in each module. (This might give you a cleaner front-end, but would probably be the least desirable of the two options due to your backend needs … reporting, exporting, etc. would have to be replicated for each module).

Regardless, your dashboard tabs and dashlets would not present a problem as you can merely filter by contact type and show whatever fields are needed in each dashlet, for each contact type.

Thanks for the response.

I am playing with tabs and this may enable a work around for the brief.