Contact Edit Layout Doesn't Deploy to Existing Contacts

There no errors, nothing in the SuiteCRM log or PHP, and all the other layouts changes seem to work. The revised Edit Layout works on new contacts, but not on existing. Is this a bug?

Try clearing your browser cache (Ctr+F5) or on a different machine or browser where you haven’t opened the existing Contact.

Additionally you may try Admin->Repairs->Quick Repair and Rebuild

And, furthermore, log out and log in again, and a combination of the above suggestions.

I did that already, and again just now… same result.

What’s a little strange about this is that it doe\s appear to work on a couple of the existing contacts… Perhaps an error in the contact record?

Problem solved, and unfortunately, it was user error :frowning:

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my issue amariussi!