Contact display Meetings summary

Hi everyone,
I am trying to figure the best way around my problem. In the contact module, I would need a field that displays overall Meetings Status for that contact
For example, if the contact has a scheduled meeting show “planned/date”, if meeting was held show “held/date” (of the last meeting) or if none show “no meetings”.

As of now, I can see all the meetings in the Activities subpanel but I need a quick reference that I can also filter/sort by in contact list view.
Any help would be highly appreciated.

One way to achieve this, if your logic isn’t too complicated, is to have an additional custom field in the Contacts module, called “Meetings summary”, which you would then add to the Detail, Edit and List views.

Then you would use Workflows to fill in this field, for example:

When a meeting is marked as held, set the Contact’s summary as “something”.

But I fear that you will want elaborate conditions that a workflow cannot deliver; in this case you will have to add some simple PHP code, in a logic hook.

You are correct, and this is how I actually have it set up now, but changes don’t reflect on the deletion of the meeting and I prefer a more solid solution. I will have a better look into logic hooks and see if I can patch something here.
If you have any similar examples I can start from it would be great. I know my way around code but I wouldn’t put a “skilled developer” title just yet.

The Developer guide has a nice chapter about logic hooks:

And for what you need to do while you are in there, this one will help: