Contact birthdays on calendar.

I’m not sure of the best approach, but I have a need for our Customer Support department to be able to view (and possibly print) monthly calendars with contacts’ birthdays.
I’ve looked at the calendar module, and it is unique enough that I am not sure quite how to replicate it, add this as a new feature, or what exactly. I had thought of using module builder, but the default display options wouldn’t work, so I’d be back to building the pages from scratch (or nearly so).

Interestingly, I haven’t been able to find a single instance of someone asking for this information in this format (google, bing, forums, etc.).

Anyone have any thoughts?


Forgot to mention we’re on build 7.7.4.


One way is for a workflow to create a meeting / call / task

assigned to a user - will show the meeting / task / call will be on their calendar