Consultant recommendation?

anyone know or could recommend consultant for suitecrm?
is there any place to find suitecrm consultant?

Hi @dashi,

Biased opinion but we here at SalesAgility the maintainers of SuiteCRM do offer top-notch consultancy. I’d be happy to get one of our Business Analysts to reach out. If your interested drop me a direct message with your preferred email address and I’ll get it arranged :+1:

Otherwise, I’m sure others would be happy to give their suggestions of those they have worked with before!

SA QA Engineer

(Here goes another biased opinion :grinning:)

Contact me if you are interested. We might be able to help you as well.



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You can also check our profile.

Thanks & Regards,
Team Urdhva Tech

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You might also want to check SuiteCRM partners:

We (NS-Team) are partner, but you could find partners in your country there.

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Hi @dashi

You can also check OutRight Store For Top SuiteCRM Consultant.

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