Constraint errors and controller exception database failure - IIS10 WIN10 PHP5.6 SQL Server 2016 ODBC Driver 11

I need to build and deploy modules for a project working on a windows environment with MSSQL.

When I deploy or re-deploy a custom module in module builder I receive constraint errors either could not drop constraint or could not create constraint. In the table it looks like the constraint ends in a 8 char code. This is different in the error to the actual constraint.

Sometimes FastCGI errors trigger a server IIS 500 error.

Has anyone been successful making custom modules in a windows environment with MS SQL Server? What configuration is currently working with Suite CRM 7.7.9?

My Environment

SQL Server 2016 (also tried running in compatibility mode 2012)

Errors -
HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error
C:\Program Files (x86)\PHP\v5.6\php-cgi.exe - The FastCGI process exited unexpectedly

03/22/17 09:03:13 [10096][1][FATAL] Error altering column(s) id_act on table: opera_person: Query Failed: ALTER TABLE opera_person DROP CONSTRAINT DF__opera_per__id_ac__48BAC3E5 ALTER TABLE opera_person ALTER COLUMN [id_act] bit NULL
ALTER TABLE opera_person ADD DEFAULT ‘0’ FOR id_act ::: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server][SQL Server]‘DF__opera_per__id_ac__48BAC3E5’ is not a constraint.
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Could not drop constraint. See previous errors.
03/22/17 09:03:13 [10096][1][FATAL] Exception in Controller: Database failure. Please refer to suitecrm.log for details.