Connector Settings

Hi, there,
I’m trying to figure out how the connectors work, and then integrate suitecrm to an ERP.
Do you know how to use the Connector Settings tool (Admin -> Connectors)?
The official documentation does not contain anything… it seems incomplete.


You’re right, there is no Documentation from this, someone from the Community will eventually have to write it, I guess.

There are several ways to integrate, not necessarily with connectors. What do you need to achieve?

Thanks to PGR,
I have to be able to synchronize my ERP with Suitecrm, for example accounts and contacts data. Was it going to be solved using the REST JSON API? Correct?
Thank you

Yes you can play with SuiteCRM data using the REST API, and you can get SuiteCRM to call whatever API’s your ERP offers, since it’s all open source and PHP, and there are extension mechanisms (hooks, overriding classes) to allow you to neatly integrate.

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