Connection to Database could not be established

I am trying to install an new SuiteCRM on a Linux box.

I’m using SUSE Linux (SLES 15) with:

I originally started with MySQL, and was unable to connect to DB during initial install to create a database! Since it was MySQL8, I switched to MariaDB … still same issue!

I have noticed similar posts and unless there’s an issue both with MySQL8 and MariaDB, then there may be a bug in the current installer. I have also verified that from terminal I can connect to the DB as root.

I have used:, localhost and the actual IP of the host; all have failed equally.

The only thing I have not tried is to switch to MySQL5.x

Any thoughts from the Community would be appreciated.

Hi, welcome to the Community! :tada:

Are the versions you’re trying within whats specified here?


newer Linux distributions tend to configure MySQL/MariaDB so that root authenticates through system login. This means that when you are logged in as root on your system, you are authenticated automatically without having to entering a password like this:

sudo mysql

This root login however is not available when accessing the database through the database deamon through which php connects.

I’d advise you to create an SQL account for database access with the following SQL queries:

create user suitecrmdbuser@localhost;
set password for suitecrmdbuser@localhost = password('suitecrmdb
grant all privileges on suitecrmdb.* to suitecrmdbuser@localhost;

You should then be able to install with the following settings:

  • Database Name: suitecrmdb
  • Host Name: localhost
  • User: suitecrmdbuser
  • Password: suitecrmdbpassword
  • SuiteCRM Database User: Same as Admin User
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I used “localhost” instead of an IP and it worked! nor the actual IP of the Host worked. I was using FireFox on the same Host to run the installer.

Still using MariaDB.

I’m having the same issue too. Even tried with running different versions of PHP. Nothing seems to work.

Using the same user/password for the database as for the real CRM admin user is not a good security practice though and thus not recommended because it is a security risk.

Hi PowerQuest,

In this case the used credentials are actually not admin user credentials: the user is specifically created to provide access to the SuiteCRM database and has no further privileges.

The option “Same as Admin User” merely reflects that no further database user is created to provide access.

Just to be clear: “Admin User” in this context refers to the SQL database admin user, not the CRM admin login.

You might want to test your created SQL login on the console by:

mysql -h localhost -u suitecrmdbuser --password=suitecrmdbpassword suitecrmdb