Connecting to GMail

Hello there!

I’ve installed a fresh version of SuiteCRM 7.13.2 last week and most of the features are working fine. Still a lot to discover but so far, I love it.

The issue is when connecting with a GMail account, for both the system oubound emails, and for my own email account (inbound and outbound). Actually, I’ll use the same account for both.
I’ve tried many ways to get it work but SuiteCRM cannot get accest to GMail.
Could someone share the procedure? I beleive that I would have to go through a validation page from Google prior to giving access to the account. The simple setting of… does not work any longer.
Without being able to get that working, SuiteCRM won’t be a tool for me.
Thanks in advance for all your help.


@Luke123 - Were you able to find a solution to your problem?