Connect report designer to DWH

Hi everyone,
I’ve installed today the data integration and the web analytics package (from here) in a virtual machine.

I can see my demo accounts/opportunities in the prepared reports, that seems to work.
Since I’d like to add own reports, I’ve downloaded the linked report designer, and thats where I am stuck.
Is there any description/tutorial how to

  • connect the report designer to the dwh
  • how to transfer a report from the client to the dwh (making it available for other users)

Thanks in advance & have a nice weekend!

Hey there.

Version 1.1 will have tutorials and samples for building reports. Im working on it as we speak. If you are desperate then I will see if I can get some stuff out to you although it may be based on 1.1 and not 100% valid for 1.0

Let me know

Hey ivyis,
no, I can surely wait for your official release. Thanks for the update!