Connect Google Docs to SuiteCRM 7.1.4

Hi everybody :wink:
I am newbie to SuiteCRM, and I have a question that I tried to find out the right answer over the web and didn’t succeed… :blink:

I see in many videos on the web that people connect their Google Docs/Drive account to the CRM, by adding External Account from the User Edit Page.
Actually, I can’t find the way to do that!
I tried to search something related to Google in the Connectors area, but I didn’t find anything.
In the User Edit Page, under External Accounts, the Application drop-down is empty…

Anybody can help me with this? :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:

Hi there,

You would need to purchase or build an integration, as this is not standard functionality.



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Hi Will,

Thanks for your quick reply.
Maybe you can guide me where can I purchase this kind of extension?

And, I have found this:
I thought it should work - but it didn’t… This is not compatible with SuiteCRM.

BTW, I have SuiteCRM 7.1.4 installed on my server, but when I try to load modules to the system, the error response message says I am using SuiteCRM 6.5. how does it make sense?

Hi Talsuite,

There are two options that I know of. These are:

Gmail Sync on SugarOutfitters




To followup on this, we are moving towards (in fact we have a test system running) SuiteCRM but evaluating Sugar and others, it looks very very like although SuiteCRM advertise and promote themselves as being an improvement on SugarCRM CE some of the main attractive features, the main one being google docs and calendar business wise, that are present and core in SugarCRM CE are just not available with no plans to uncripple it (why DID you remove it?) or even replacements available via extensions that come close to SugarCRM

I Like SuiteCRM and the more open approach but would rather not have to do dodgy work arounds and make connectors that break of pay thousands for somebody to pretty much do what the system your based on already does OOTB.

Any updates as to if and when you will put this back into SuiteCRM or is there some sort of licensing issue? without it is pretty much useless to us and we are a pretty cool company who support a wide range of open source projects so we would like to use Suite :slight_smile:

nothing was removed, there was no google doc integration in Sugar CE, you can display your calendar in google calendar using the ical link found in your user profile, but there is no specific google calnder integration in SuiteCRM or Sugar CE

Yes, there is for google docs (both ways) and at least one way sync amongst other things, Im looking right at them now :slight_smile:

post a screenshot and a screenshot of the about page

We have been trying to do this for ages - we store all our documents on a shared drive (google Drive) which is then replicated on our desktops. We need to be able to open the file directly (say in Word) by clicking on the link to the folder/file. We use OS X on our desktops and there seems to be security issues opening files directly from a browser. Any assistance appreciated.

Hi all,

We would like to store our documents on Google Drive (Google Docs). I’m trying to figure out how to enable Google in External Accounts but it seems it’s not configured to be there by default. In fact Application drow down is empty while I expected to see Google there.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?