Configuring SuiteCRM for a B2C business


Page 4 of this slideshare document ( says that SuiteCRM has a B2C configuration just like SugarCRM professional edition. Can someone confirm that this is correct as I am looking at the demo version but am unable to find the “switch” to make it work as a B2C CRM (I guess it is an admin feature and not available on the demo version?).

Appreciate any help. BTW, this is a great product. I have used Sugar OS before and getting all the modules to behave well was difficult.


Hi Navin,

This is not an out of the box feature available in the admin panel, although you can customise SuiteCRM to be a B2C CRM.



Thanks Will. Is there any documentation around this? Is it a workaround like creating a “bucket account” or is it better than that?

Hi Navpar,

It would require code cutting to modify how the business logic is handled i.e. make Accounts non-dependencies as these may not be required in a B2C CRM for example.



Not the answer I was hoping for, but thanks anyway. Appreciate your help.

Hi Navpar

We had the same issue with the system defaults operating on the B2B model as we do business with individuals and corporates.

I have managed with a few small changes to get the system to handle both aspects of the B2B and B2B models and the system works beautifully.

Firstly, you will need the the modules and subpanel layouts that show Accounts.
• Log in to your SugarCRM system as an Administrator user
• Go to the Admin section
• Go to the Diplay Module Tabs and Subpanels section
• Move Accounts from Displayed Tabs to Hidden Tabs
• Move Accounts from Displayed Subpanels to Hidden Subpanels

You will then need to remove the Account field from the views they are on as default:
• Go to the Admin Section
• Go to Studio and remove the Account Name field from the following layouts:
• Cases - All Views
• Contacts - All Views
• Contracts - All Views
• Leads - All Views ( including deleting it from the Convert Lead Layout layout)
• Opportunities - All Views

As a final step you will also need to amend the Related To field within the Calls, Tasks, Notes and Meetings modules. This needs to be removed from the above modules and then recreated as a Related To field pointing to a Contact for each module, using the new field in each view instead.

Community Edition Users, will need to perform the following, as the Convert Lead screen cannot be modified in the Studio:
Copy convertdefs.php from modules/Leads/metadata/ to custom/modules/Leads/metadata/

Change the line under the Accounts section from ‘required’ => true, to ‘required’ => false,

As a result of this modification, the Accounts module as a whole will be removed from the Standard end users’ views, with the exception of Administrator Users who will still have the Accounts module available as a module which can be enabled from within the Admin section.

I hope this helps

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Hi Botteltjie,

Thank you very much for the detailed response. A clarification: I know that in Sugar one could remove the Accounts module, but it wasn’t recommended (atleast in the previous versions. I haven’t used Sugar for a while now). Do you think the above is essentially what the Professional Edition does when it “converts” the application from B2B to B2C? I am hoping that the underlying code has been changed to enable the removal of Accounts module while ensuring no issues crop up later.

The above guide is for SugarCRM Professional process of converting the application to B2C as it refers to the “Convert Lead layout” which is not available for customisation in CE/SuiteCRM without editing the convertdefs.php.


Thanks! Very helpful

How will converting SuiteCrm to a B2C model by removing the Accounts required impact on AOS. Doesn’t the invoicing/quotes etc modules rely on Accounts?

Hi Mark,

Accounts are not required to create a Quote/Invoice. For a B2C model, you could focus it on contacts for example as the relationship is already there and either do without the Accounts relationship or fully remove.



One drawback, as far as i can see: automatic copying of address from related contact doesn’t work, only from related account -> invoice address needs to be manually copied over from contact dataset.

hi @Will
was wondering if the ability to configure for B2C has been improved or changed since the start of this thread please?

The system would need custom changes to fit B2C model as OOTB CRM is generic and released for non-specific model usage.

I believe it is currently very B2B specific :slight_smile:
Was hoping it could become a simple config option like Sugarcrm has

Thank you for posting on a 6 year old topic, in future please raise new topics. This may be a feature that some would find useful but as mentioned before OOTB CRM is standardised for use by many.

Thanks :+1: