Configuring e-mail - MS Exchange Server...


Trying to setup a test installation at work and having trouble getting the email working.

Ok, a bit of background:

SuiteCRM is installed and running on my machine (Windows 10) which is connected to the company network.

It is accessible by other machines (all windows 10) on the network.

We have MS Exchange Server on a standalone server. (It works for all employees, no problem).

Anybody have any experience setting up Exchange to work with SuiteCRM? (Or setting up SuiteCRM to work with Exchange… :lol: ).

When a test email is sent, it tries to send it, but nothing happens…

Any pointers to help?



Which version of SuiteCRM are you using? That’s the least you could tell us… we’re in the middle of an upgrade that completely changes the Email system :slight_smile:

It should work with Exchange, obviously.


Sorry, we are using:

Version 7.9.0
Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509)



Hey Andy

7.9 is really not worth troubleshooting at the moment. The bugfix release (7.9.1) is coming out any day now. Can you just wait for that?


I think we will wait until 7.9.1

Fingers crossed we have more luck. :slight_smile: