Configure default font and font size in SuiteCRM?

Well pretty much as the subject head line says; how do you do that?

Is there a system wide setting in the admin module for that?

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Hi, @PowerQuest
I didn’t see this config somewhen but you can look at file: themes/SuiteP/css/fonts.css

Thanks for your reply @p.konetskiy

So you cannot set the default font for the WYSIWYG editor in the admin back-end? (Especially for the mail module because the text is quite small and this makes it harder to type/read).

You have to do that on a code level?

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If you’re talking about the editor, then it can be tweaked (in code). Which editor is it, TinyMCE or Mozaik? Exactly which screen? (the settings are different in all of them)

I´ve checked and it is currently set top to “Mozaik”.

Isn’t there by the way an option to set the WYSIWYG editor to a default global option in the system admin settings instead of each user’s own profile?
I did search for it in the admin section but it doesn’t seem to exist?

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There is no place to change User Profiles settings for all users at once. I believe somebody made an add-on for that.

Which screen are you on?
(please include every step to get there, even if it seems obvious to you)

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Thank you for your repy.

Sales —> Leads —> the lead --> click email in the lead record —> email window pops up with the WYSIWYG editor.

It would be nice if you could set a default size/font because it adds a default standardization for the the whole company organization when we send out emails so the emails looks the same.

Oh… And thank you very much for confirming that there isn’t a global setting for this in the administrator back-end. Then I do not have to waste any time further attempting to look for it…

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