Config_Override - Changing Calendar Default to Monday


I’ve read that to change the default calendar start date to Monday I need to add:-

" $sugar_config fdow = ‘1’; "

As a line within config_override.php

What I am hoping to do is have the calendar visible to all users, begin on a Monday not on a Sunday…

So i’ve added the line above but how do I get the system to re-read this file and activate it? I’ve tried a quick repair and rebuild and even just restarted the server, but the Calendar shows up Sunday as the first day.

EDIT: Sorry I cannot include the code it keeps editing it :slight_smile: Basically I added the line in this

Now that i’ve changed it for the system would that apply to all new users? But as existing users were created before this and have Sunday in their setting will that override this setting and I will need to manually change it on all existing users?