Conect two modules: AOS_Invoices and Opportunities


I have a many to many relationship between “AOS_Invoices” and “Opportunites”. With this connection, I have a new subpanel, in each module, to show the related information. Problem: I don’t find a way to connect this two.

P.S.: I’m using suiteCrm 6.0 and c# as programming language.

Thank you.

There is no SuiteCRM version 6 (do you mean SugarCRM?)

There is no way to use C# for this…

Finally, I don’t know what you mean “I don’t find a way to connect this two”.

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First, thank you for your answer.
Second, my bad about the version, I meant “Version 7.10.7”.

I’m using c# to connect an external app to suiteCrm, if I have to use another language inside de suiteCrm, that’s not a problem.

My issue is: I have an “Opportunity” which will contain an “Invoice”. I create a relationship (many-to-many) between this two. This creates two sub-panels in each one. Now, I want to show, for example, the information of an “Invoice” in the respective sub-panel inside an “Opportunity”.

Can I do this ?


Sorry, I still don’t understand your requirement…

If you are in the Detail view of an Opportunity, you have a subpanel with Invoice data, right?

If you are in the Detail view of an Invoice, you have a subpanel with Opportunity data, right?

Or do you mean that, inside a subpanel, you want to look up a field from the related module and show it there?

I can understand why this is useful in some places, but not when you are alaready in the Detail view of that related record… because that information is already there on the top, and it would repeat the same value in every row of the subpanel…


Yes, when I’m inside the detailed view of an “Opportunity” I have a sub-panel of “Invoice” and vice-versa.

In that sub-panel I want to show the related data, but I’m not figuring how to do this.

Thank you.

What is the point of seeing this in a detail view:

Invoice number 100

Subpanel for Opps:

Opp1 Invoice 100
Opp2 Invoice 100
Opp3 Invoice 100
Opp4 Invoice 100

See this image.

I want to place the info of the “Invoice” related to the opportunity in that sub-panel.

At this moment I have some Invoices already created, but the info doesn’t show in that sub-panel.

  1. That screenshot is taken in the Detail view of Opportunities? If not, then of which module?

  2. Have you tried changing the layout of the subpanel in Studio?


Yes the screenshot is from the detailed view of Opportunities.
And yes, I already tried to change the layout, but nothing seems to work.

Thank you.

Again, I sense a certain cognitive dissonance here because I don’t see the point of seeing Opportunity information in a subpanel, when you are already in the record for the Opportunity. Information will be the same as on the header above, and will be the same across all rows in the subpanel…

But in Studio / Opportunities / Subpanels, do you see an entry for “Invoices”? Can you edit it, save and deploy, and see the changed subpanel?

I don’t want to see the information about the “Opportunity” inside the Opportunity", when I’m inside an “Opportunity” I want to see information, in a sub-panel, about an “Invoice”!

Yes in studio I can edit the sub-panel and the edits have repercussion, but I have to create some kind of connector to interconnect this two modules, right ?

I think what you’re looking for needs to be done from PHP, editing the subpaneldefs.php file.

Try looking for examples online, or even for an existing subpanel in SuiteCRM that does an equivalent thing. Something that shows a field from a related module.

For example, in Contacts detail view, the Cases subpanel references an Account name.

This comes from the file modules/Contacts/metadata/subpanels/ForCases.php, in this part:

                        'module' => 'Accounts',
                        'target_record_key' => 'account_id',
                        'target_module' => 'Accounts',
                        'widget_class' => 'SubPanelDetailViewLink',
                        'vname' => 'LBL_LIST_ACCOUNT_NAME',
                        'width' => '22%',