Conditional loading of a detailview

I am very new to SuiteCRM but I do have some prior form as a PHP developer and have used some MVC frameworks before (CodeIgniter and Zencart).

I am interested to know how one can conditionally load a different view according to a particular boolean condition - perhaps the
presence of a data value in a data field of an object.

Suppose we are focussed upon the “detailview” of a Case. Is it possible to create more than one detail view using the Studio?
One view would use one set of data fields for the case; another view would use a different set - it’s to support some legacy
cases. In principle, this sounds a reasonable thing to do but I am not sure how to proceed - I’ve only been looking at SuiteCRM
for a few days and not as my main activity. I wonder whether I would have to resort to writing some bespoke PHP code to support this
kind of thing.



You would have to resort to bespoke PHP code to support this I’m afraid. You cant do anything like that through studio. I have worked with Codeigniter before and working with SuiteCRM/SugarCRM is very different and no where near as straightforward. The underlying architecture is not MVC in the traditional sense.

You could do what you want to do by creating a custom controller and extending the existing Detail View.

You will need to search around for information but remember SuiteCRM is a fork of SugarCRM CE 6.5.x so you are better off searching based on that.

This may get you started:

OP… any luck with developing the conditional field format?