Conditional Fields in Quote PDF Template?

I’ve got a situation where for a line item, there may be an up front charge or a monthly charge (think like cell phones). If the line item is a monthly charge, I’d like to put it in one column. If it is an up front charge I’d like to put it in a different column on the quote template (PDF). (They would both be a “price” field)

Anyone done anything like that? @pgr is this a good use case for your Power Replacer?

Ok so if anyone else comes across this in the future. Kind of did a work around.

I created 2 fields in “line items” module in studio. “monthly fee” and “upfront fee”

Then in my products, I created a field “term” which is either like 12 months, 36 months or none. (for non recurring).

Then I created a two workflows to run on line item save.

If term=“none” then upfront fee = Total price

If term not equal to “none” then monthly fee = Total price

This allows me to use these fields in the template and in one column “monthly fee” and the other column “upfront fee”.

It’s nice to see you’ve found a way to solve it.

To answer your question, yes, PowerReplacer would let you do calculated fields with the ability to reference all related records, and it can be as complex as you need - iterate lists, filter them, etc. And you can also use conditions to evaluate data (if/the/else, case, table lookups, etc)

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