Condition in Workflow - assigned to

Hello everybody,
I would like to share my doubt just in case there is someone can help me out.

I’m creating a new workflow to send an email just for opened oportunnities which been created in the last 6 months, but here’s the problem… I just need to work with opportunities created or assigned just by a specific group or specific users… Since i’ve been looking I can only select one user, am I right?
How can I select more users in one workflow, or I’ll need to create a separte workflow for each user?

Thanks for your time!!

Thanks for your reply. Nevertheless, my issue its because i cannot add more than one person assigned to the contact.
For example: I’ve created a workflow it should send an email to opportunities which been created more than 6 months ago & opportunities which are assigned to 6 of our 30 business advisors, so in this case I must select just 6 of them, but the workflow condition doesnt let me choose those 6, it just let me choose just one of them.
My question is how can I choose those 6 of those 30.
Thanks for your time.

You can create a secuity group for the people in the group and use that as the condition:

Not sure, but you may also be able to create a group user. I don’t think this would works though unless the record was specifically created by the group user. You can try though.