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Compose email button css broken in activity subpanel

SuiteCRM version : Version 7.11.13

In every module activity subpanel compose email link css is broken it is working although fine. From the issue

i have applied everything and everything is working fine. but the css is not showing button as it was before in previous suiteCRM versions.

Screenshot from 2020-09-09 20-07-57

any kind of help would be much appreciated.

Please test if it works on the latest version:




The demo site doesn’t open with the username and password. It doesn’t even spin like it’s trying to open. Tried it in both Firefox and Chrome. The test doesn’t work.
And the extra Compose Email button is still an issue after multiple upgrades. I’m in 7.11.15.
I still see this after upgrades, refreshes, repairs. In Settings, I turned the menu function on and off. Still see it.
There are several abandoned threads on the forum and no answers so far.

Did you ever manage to resolve this? - i have the same issue, in every activities subpanel, no matter which theme i choose.

I cant recall exactly when the problem occurred, but think it was between 7.10/7.11

I had assumed it was something to do with my customisations, but I’ve now tried to fix it and deleted all custom folders etc and the problem remains?