Complicated Lead Conversion Process

Kinda’ bottom line it.

Our lead conversion process is very complex. I’m inclined to do it in a database trigger.

What I want to do is disable any ability for an end user to use any ‘built in’ conversion process.

(1) How do I disable any existing buttons/links … that fire the standard lead convert process?

I prefer …

(a) A Checkbox field. The user clicks it and saves. The trigger takes over.

(b) A Button … But I don’t see how I can put a button on the lead, and I don’t see how that button, if I could put it on the form, can cause the record to change and hence, the trigger to fire. << A button is to me, a more elegant solution.

Please, I’m not getting into ‘why’ … Just trust me. It’s very complex what has to happen in the lead conversion process.


You can add buttons/checkboxes that can trigger logic hooks by modifying the lead module detail view in custom/modules/Leads/metadata.