complete noob step by step guide for dummies?


as im a noob to CRM and i typically can watch a youtube video or read online and find solutions i could not find a good thread for someone that just downloaded suite CRM. so i wanted to try and create one if there wasnt. if i just needed to search harder thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

basically i downloaded the latest version 7.7.4 and what next? do i need an MD5 reader? do i need a web site?
ive read i need a web sever. where do i find which web server i currently have?
Am i missing a very obvious step? because i feel like i am. kind of overwhelming on a small scale. I am starting a business with real estate and i wanted a way to track customers, tenants, and prospects. as my pen and paper is subject to a 2 yr old. and my files require sifting excel. and im hoping this system is better.

anything i can do to help paint the picture let me know thanks

thanks for your time. sorry about the spelling and grammar.

Good morning bsmith3891,

You might be in a bit over your head on this one. I thought suiteCRM was offered as an on-demand instance, but I don’t see that in the header anymore.

The easiest thing you could probably do is sign up for web hosting from any web host that has Softalicious. I like InMotionHosting. This same host can host your customer facing website completely unrelated to suiteCRM. Open Softalicious, find suiteCRM, and click Install. It will set everything up for you.

If you don’t want to do that, the installation instructions are here:

If these instructions don’t make sense to you, like I said, you should use Softalicious or contract SalesAgility to setup an install for you. There are other developers who could do it for you as well, I suppose, but SalesAgility is the force behind SuiteCRM and may be the most efficient therefore most cost effective.

If you’re bound and determined to figure out how to do this yourself, you might start with this guide on web hosting: then move forward with the Softalicous route.

I’m not trying to be rude/condescending, but it sounds like there is some prerequisite knowledge you need to gain first, before information specific to suiteCRM is going to make sense to you.

Best Wishes,


Hi bsmith3891,

SuiteCRM is a web based application so would require a web server, yes. It is up to you to set that up and maintain. As well as install mySQL and php (version depending on SuiteCRM version used - check compatibility matrix) Further help for installing SuiteCRM can be found at the installation wiki.

You can bypass all this and get us to host your instance at SuiteCRM OnDemand. This give you full access and control to your data except we host it and maintain it, this includes support.

Or if you decide to set it up on your own but decide you would like official support along side that, you can buy a support package separately. You can read up on this if you would like at the support Q&A.

Hope this helps,
If you have any more questions just ask :slight_smile:

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As a point of clarification, if your purchase/rent commercially available web space from a web host, they will generally take care of the LAMP Stack for you. In other words, you would not be responsible for installing mySQL or PHP.

LAMP = Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP


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thanks for the clarification. and the fast responses.

this is what I needed to make an informed decision and start.

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I was totally new to SuiteCRM when I installed ii late last year on my laptop, and I am still in a learning mode.

I used the Bitnami Stack installation which provided a complete LAMP self-contained installation. Their installation document is useful. Read it several times before trying to install.

It may not be the best long term solution, but it is a workable solution for me to learn how to use SuiteCRM. I started with the 7.3.2 stack, and have upgraded SuiteCRM to 7.7.6 (in my case, a 2 step process).

Good luck

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Hey all,

Another complete noob here. This thread is the first I’ve seen that says anything about needing a web host, I thought this was just a locally run piece of software and all I had to do was install it. Not the case?

I have a website that’s hosted by InMotion Hosting, who are mentioned above. Can I somehow make use of that? Or should I quit while I’m ahead and find a CRM tool that’s user friendly for noobs?


Tara :slight_smile:

You can install it locally if you are going to be the only user but if you have others who would need to gain access as well like staff I would suggest getting a webserver.
In regards to InMotion Hosting I can only take what Sieberta says:
" I like InMotionHosting. This same host can host your customer facing website completely unrelated to suiteCRM. Open Softalicious, find suiteCRM, and click Install. It will set everything up for you."
But sounds like you could use them to host if you needed to have multiple users

Hope this helps :slight_smile:
If you need anything else just ask

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Unless you are at least a novice programming/web geek (or want to become one)… I would propose SuiteCRMOnDemand is probably best for you.

InMotion with Softalicious does make it a one-click install. And upgrades are probably pretty safe as long, as you do backups and don’t make code modifications. I don’t think Softalicious sets up the CRON job for you, so that would be an extra step through CPANEL. Not a hard step, per se, but another step to remember.

Best Wishes,

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Thanks guys, I think I’m definitely in over my head with this and will quit while I’m ahead. I’m an end user, not a programmer or coding geek, just someone looking for something to streamline and speed up my business workflow, not something I need to spend a long time working out. This looks like a fab tool for someone with more knowledge in the programming department.

Appreciate your feedback! :slight_smile:



I realize this is an old thread, but I didn’t want to create a new one with similar information and questions. Is there a guide for installing it locally? And to be clear, by locally I mean on my PC. I don’t see an .exe file in the download so I’m totally lost on how to install it to a PC. I too am a noob and would be the only person using the software. I feel I know my way around a computer pretty well, but when it comes to programming and such, it’s like I am trying to understand a foreign language that I know nothing about. And I guess that’s because coding is a language which I know nothing about.

I do pay for web hosting, but do not have a website. So if push comes to shove I guess I could go that route. I was just hoping to install it to my PC and start working with it to see if it’s a CRM I’d like to use. The one I use now is installed locally and I’ve used it for 15+ years. But I really want to see if there is something else I’d prefer using. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.