Compatibility with Third party module for SugarCRM

Hi guys.

I bought a module to link the Calendar on SuiteCRM with Google Calendar.

It provides a 2 way sync to Google Calendar.

While it works OK, the expected entry in “Schedulers” doesn’t show.

I installed it on a copy of SugarCE 6.5.16 to test & the entry in scheduler is present there.

The module is named sugarcal2 & supplied by a person named Ryuhei Uchida

If required, I think I’d be OK to send a copy to Sales Agility for testing. (Including the directions manual as attached)

what version of SuiteCRM are you using?

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“About” says Version 6.5.15 (Build 1083)which will be the Forked Sugar Version, however The SuiteCRM folder I uploaded is Version 7.0.0

Thanks mate.


P.S. Now that I’ve answered that, I really should upgrade, shouldn’t I?)

I’ll try that as a matter of maintenance anyway.

I noticed that my SugarCAL Manual didn’t upload.

Please see this post for a second attempt at that.

ok there was an issue fixed in 7.0.2, that is most likely causing this, so I would recommend you upgrade

or if you would prefer to just fix here is on git:-

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Well, it get’s more interesting. (Thanks heaps for your replies Matt, I would have expected that last one to solve it).

I tried both the upgrade & a separate fresh install of Suitecrm 7.02. (alongside the upgraded version in a separate database instance MYSQL).

The upgrade remained exactly as the status quo (and I confirmed the aow_workflow.php file is exactly like the github copy.) Uninstalling & re-installing the module = no change.

The fresh install won’t accept the module install. It hangs on 17% & fails to continue (not at all installed).

I would have put that down as a permissions issue, except that with Centos 6.5 and the GUI screen, I could run the install from firefox as root on the web server itself. I did indeed try that after the workstation installs failed. (& indeed previously on the version 7.0).

Needless to say, all of this is in my test environment, while I get Suite CRM up to speed to take over from my previous vTigerCRM. So it remains non critical, but very interesting.

This particular sugarCAL product was chosen due to the ease of updating an outlook calendar to Google Calendar. This product can then sync the SugarCRM to the Google calendars. All of which can be done 2 way, making it most convenient.



(I’ll keep working on this & see if I can find out why). :slight_smile:

Hi Ian,

What does the sugarcrm.log display? Are there any related errors? When the module sticks at 17%, there should be a link that allows you to display the log.



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