Compatibility with Sugar

First, I want to say I’m absolutely in LOVE with the concept of SuiteCRM.

I’m currently trying to decide on a CRM for a mail-order repair business. In the past, I was somewhat happy with vtiger (Based on SugarCRM obviously), with the exception of certain things that seemed limited to vtiger. Assuming I’d like Sugar, having access to all the Sugar plugins would make SuiteCRM almost a no-brainer for me.

  1. Will SuiteCRM maintain compatibility with Sugar? Do Sugar updates prompt Suite updates?

  2. Years ago, when I looked at the CE version of Sugar, there seemed weird bugs, specifically in the email usage, that magically wasn’t in the pay version. Recently, I was considering implementing Odoo until I found similar ‘bugs’ that didn’t appear in the pay version. Has SuiteCRM addressed any of these kinds of bugs?


  1. We will stay compatible with sugar for at least the next 2 releases.

  2. There are bugs in all software. We have fixed many and created some.