Comparison of PBX Integration Providers/Extensions (Which is best?)


This month I’m seeking to purchase some software and perhaps even the integration services for Integration of PBX Telephony with our SuiteCRM. I understand the simple functionality is pretty straight forward, there are even some old open source libraries floating around. However, I would prefer to use a currently maintained and supported extension to minimize potential problems.

I’ve done a quick shortlist and I imagine the best thing I can do for the SuiteCRM community is to purchase one of the endorsed plugins… all the more reason to discuss it in this forum.

I’ve been tracking this Sugar/Suite for some years, and it seems like a lot of the PBX extensions are built on the old open source framework designed by Callnize (YAAI). However, the author of this project went proprietary and the ultimate solution from Tenfold now is very expensive and doesnt even have good feedback to boot.

Whether they are building on this or they have started from scratch, the key one’s I have found where I would also get support from a provider include:

Asterisk Call Center Module

Enjay IT Solutions
Enjay Mulberry

All-in-one CTI

Does anybody have any experience with any of these? Can anybody recommend the best provider to work with? My preference is more towards having a reliable/robust deployed solution and support that I can rely on to answer within a reasonable amount of time over having the lowest possible price, but obviously having a reasonable price is a factor too.

Thanks for anybody who took the time to read/reply!