Company activity dashlet

Is there a dashlet option to see what everyone has done within the CRM on any given day etc. So i can see what each employee has done throughout that day as a list on my dashboard, what calls, tasks, leads etc have been done and by who?
thanks in advance

No, there isn’t.

Normally you would do that by working with Reports (which you can put in a dashlet on the front page).

There is also an add-on for that

Thanks for that, the activity tracker add on you mentioned does seem the way to go, do you know if this can be used on multiple crm’s or does it need a new licence for each?

Sorry, that’s third-party and I only learned about its existence yesterday.

But the Store has a Forum where you can reach the developer and it usually has very good response.

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You said “Working With Reports…”
I like that solution as the app is rather pricey.
Can you point me in the right direction as to what reports I might typically use?
I’d like to know how many new addresses were added, emails sent, leads followed, calls made, etc. I can do each one individually, is there a clever way to do this?

With Reports the only approach I know is to go there and try, and redo them a hundred times until they show what you want :slight_smile:

You basically decide on the base module for the report (is it a list of Leads? a list of Users?) and then Group them by a second module(so, a list of Leads, grouped by user) and run a few totals. I don’t think you can get a single report to show all that, but with more than one, it’s likely possible.