como quito el correo automático de creacion de "CASE"

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Necesito conocer en que área del código puede cambiar o quitar los correos que automáticamente envía el sistema para anular esa operación.

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We can achieve this by extending Cases module bean and overriding the send_assignment_notifications function.

thanks for question

but I do not know where I disable this. (send_assignment_notifications function.).

I do not know what you say with expand–>extending Cases module bean.

already try this but keep sending notification:

comment the lines

‘Save case updates’
‘Send contact case closure email’
‘Send contact case email’


I can’t give you a full PHP tutorial here, but there’s a class, and you need to sub-class it and override some methods.

You’ll find many examples of customizing views using this sort of thing. Normally the “display” method is overriden, but it will call the parent class’ “display” method at the end.

In your case, you would override the send_assignment_notifications method, but not call any parent class - you would essentially tell it to do nothing.

Good luck, and please share your code if you get it working