Community Team update

Good Afternoon Everyone!

As you are all aware the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic is having a massive impact around the world. Rest assured our development team are working hard to ensure a steady stream of SuiteCRM releases and continue to deliver projects globally.
During this time our community activities will be spread throughout the teams here at SalesAgility who will try to maintain as much activity as possible though there may be a reduction in some individuals activity, including myself for the time being.

We do, however, encourage as an open-source community that all communication is in the spirit to help others in need especially during these uncertain times. We are extremely appreciative of all the community members who volunteer their time and knowledge to aid others and over the next few weeks (months even) how important it is to continue this for everyone.

We hope to see the community continue to grow and stick together during these times. Hope everyone is staying safe and let’s get through this together!

  • Ashley
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