Column Chooser - loosing settings after searching


we are using SUiteCRM 7.12

if i use the “Column Chooser” to add some fields in Accouts-Listview, these selected Fields will be Lost after i use the Search-Functionality in Account-Listview?

not very user-friendly. OR do we use the System the wrong way?


nobody any idea about this? Or does nobody use the “Column Chooser”?

It is a known limitation of SuiteCRM v7, the column chooser and the search are a single thing, when in fact they should be separate. Changing one, changes the other, and this is not always convenient.

Perhpas you can work around this limitation by using saved searches.

We have Suitecrm 7.13 and PHP 7.4. When we are trying to move field from HIDDEN to DISPLAYED and click on save. We are getting ‘listViewSearchIcon is not defined’ error on console.


Is anyone able to resolve this issue?

I’m on 7.12.11 and am not experiencing this issue. Just to be clear what I did was add another column to listview for Accounts (in my case “industry”) then I used the filter to search for Accounts in a specific city.

It displayed the results and the additional column I had set without issue. I also removed the filter and the column is still there.

I also tried doing the filter first, and then the column addition second, and it worked as expected.

Did I misunderstand, or are you doing something different? This may be an issue specific to 7.13.

I have commented line 192 in the ListViewColumnsFilterDialog.tpl file. Now I am able to use ‘Column Chooser’. (I am able to move column from HIDDEN to DISPLAYED section and save changes. It is working as expected.)

File location - suitecrm/include/ListView/

Is it good idea to fix/change code this in include folder?

Problem details: "Column Chooser" not working when user assigned to role - #10 by rsp

@pstevens @pgr

Shall I make ListView directory under ~/custom/include/ and add this code file?

Because I think if we upgrade suitecrm in the future, this file will get override at suitecrm/include/ListView/.

Please guide us!

I have made those changes and it is working as per requirement.

I have made ListView directory under ~/custome/include/ using below command.

mkdir -m 775 ListView

and changed ownership using below command.

chown -R www-data:www-data ListView/

I copied file from ~/include to ~/custom/include/ListView using below command.

cp …/…/include/ListView/ListViewColumnsFilterDialog.tpl ListView/

Commented code line 192 in ListViewColumnsFilterDialog.tpl file

//last_search_tab: listViewSearchIcon.getLatestSearchDialogType(),

Also, I did Quick repair and rebuid from Admin dashboard.

Admin → Admin Tools → Repair → Quick repair and Rebuild

Now we are able to use ‘Column Chooser’ and move columns from DISPLAYED to HIDDEN and vice versa.

I hope this post will help people in the future!

Thank you :slight_smile:


If this is a “bug” and not just an issue with your installation, you should open up and issue and a PR on Github and post your solution so it can be included in a future release.


I am not sure if it is issue of 7.13.4. I don’t know if it is handled in newer versions.

Also, I did not see anyone complaining/asking about it on this forum, so it is difficult to figure it out.