Colour Change for Themes

Hi Team

Want to change the main colour scheme, when I go to themes no option seems available but the default one, despite instruction in previous versions.

I have gone into the CSS files, but seems overkill when the functionality was in prior versions.


Which version are you running?

If it’s 7.10.x, you have 4 options for subthemes in each user’s profile.

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Hi pgr

Running 7.10.7

I have seen that, the issue is my team are saying the colour schemes are all really hard to read.

I wanted to change the top colour on the menu bar. I have tried to edit the scss files but Suite seems to ignore my edits…

I have having difficulties with it not allowing dropdown menu changes, studio changes or colour changes and I am really suspicious of my permissions…


The other issues I have a separate post on though.

Have a look at this post

it’s a bit out-dated, and the changes it makes aren’t upgrade-safe. But they should be easy to transform into upgrade-safe changes using the custom directory as usual.

But that post will help you understand the sub-theme structure, and the SASS compilation step.

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Thank you, I am having a go at this.

Will I be alright editing the code in Notepad++?


So far, any colour changes I make seem ignored by the entire system. I don’t seem to have a way of compiling them as mentioned in your link.

Which files are you editing, and how are you attempting the compilation, and what error does it give?

I have edited the colour-palette.scss and the style.css files in notepad++ attempting to change the top menu colour. I entered the files into SassMeister to try and compile them, but they do not show anything.

I tried downloading a compiler called Koala, but it doesn’t work on my computer. All the instructions I find don’t seem to have specific compiler details.


You need to edit style.scss, not style.css.

And note this part of my post:

So the file you’re trying to compile is style.scss, and it should produce a file called style.css, and it automatically includes the changes you’ve made in the other included files (like colour-palette.scss).

Now, I don’t know how to do that in Windows, with those programs you mention, but you can either find out by yourself, or try running pscss in Windows, inside a “Git Bash prompt”, or installing Ubuntu-as-an-app from the Windows Store.


I managed to get the colour scheme working within the CMD line using some coding. Now when I make changes the coding does compile, which is super cool.

Thank you.


Ok, great. If you did it on Windows and care to share here what software you used, which commands you gave, that might be helpful for others. Thanks

I have two version of Suite CRM one on a bitnami server on windows I use for experiments and one on an Apache Server I use when my experiments pass.

To change the colour I was using making changes in the SPSS files but it would not compile to the SCSS and I could not find instructions that showed me how it worked. Turns out there is a massive learning curve here that the following gentleman kindly has filled. (I thought it was simply uploading to a site, muxch more complicated)

I used a guide

But I did have trouble selecting the correct folder to make it work at Step 5. (this is where the instructions diverge)

type “cd” followed by a space so "cd " (and drag and drop the file fro the theme you are editing the htdocs\SuiteP\css\day for example)
them type “sass --watch style.scss:style.css”

and now you are compiling I have attached and image to show what it will look like when it is correct.

You can then make changes to the SCSS files that will reflect in the CSS.


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Here is the link for image

Hi pgr,

Does it work like this on 7.11.1? I don’t see pscss anywhere in the filesystem. 7.10.x has the pscss as a link to …/leafo/scssphp/bin/pscss but that package doesn;t exists on 7.11.1.

running composer update in SuiteCRM root has fixed it.