collapsing subpanels when visiting contact/lead

When visiting a contact or lead in a detail panel I would like to see immediately that e.g. in a note I have some information. Now I have to click on each subpanel to see whether there is information available.

Can I change this easily?

You can re-order subpanels, and it should remember (using cookies - don’t block them) whether you left it open or closed.

What is your version of SuiteCRM? There were bugs with this in older versions.

Not sure that you understood me correctly. What I like is when visiting a contact that without clicking further the panels below open when there is information in it. I think a coockie is not capable for this for all my contacts…?

Version 7.9.17
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Ah, ok.

What you want is very close to what this code is doing (this isn’t merged yet):

I think with the help of that PR you can easily achieve what you want.

(You can add your voice there asking for it to be merged)

Hi PGR, that is great and the improvement that I would like indeed!

This one might also help

I came across it by chance :slight_smile:

You can make all empty subpanels disappear, and then show all the others expanded.

Thank you PGR,
That looks great, I will look into this.