Collapsed subpanel hint not working correctly for self-related module

We are using Version 7.11.15.
I have a one-to-many relationship between a custom ‘organisation’ module. It is working correctly other than the ‘subpanel hint’ number for collapsed subpanels.
The child organisation has no organisations below it, but has a (1) next to the subpanel header.

The parent organisation has the child organisation below it, but has (0) next to the subpanel header.

I noticed the same issue when I related contacts to themselves in a one-to-many relationship, so I’m guessing it is due to that, but does anyone know is there a way to correct it for the display? Otherwise I’ll just advise users to keep the subpanel expanded.

Hey there,

I’ve given it a try myself, and I’m able to replicate on 7.11.18

Interestingly, it seems to work on a similar OOTB relationship (ie: Accounts<->Accounts)

So perhaps it is due to it being Custom modules, I believe some things are built slightly differently there

Either way, this does seem like an issue, so I would recommend raising this on the Github project as a bug, so that it can be tracked/updated much easier:

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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